What We Do

Our main server cluster is located behind powerful caching systems which accelerates the static content we serve, leaving only dynamically driven content to pass to the server cluster. We’ve optimized our code to handle this technology, wherever possible we’ve separated our content into cache-capable assets and dynamic code so our systems perform astonishingly fast.

Nodes in the cluster come and go as our scaling agent constantly analyses the overall health of each instance and the traffic flow and spawns new nodes and dispatches those which are no longer required.

We're fully lean, all the way up to our development team. Using Agile Development, strengthened by our Continuous Deployment coding platform and Unit Testing in all applications, our programmers are unbeatable.

Our QA approval process is almost fully automated, and code is tested for stability before being pushed to our servers without any human interaction. Our developers commit changes multiple times throughout the day without breaking a sweat, knowing that our platform will notify them of any bugs and reject the change.

We don't mess around with IT, and our systems will surely blow you away. When publishers run traffic with us, our Auto Offer Selector system will carefully pick out those offers that will provide maximum revenue. For them, and for the advertiser.

We love data analysis. If an offer is performing below our standards, the core team gets notified immediately in order to help the advertise improve it.


Custom Platform Software

Our Dashboard Platform is an amazingly easy way for publishers and advertisers to interface with our business, and on top of that it provides our employees with easy ways of going about accounting, account management, offer management and branding, amongst others. This Platform also houses our chat solution, allowing us to be able to connect all our partners with each other, guaranteeing successful ventures.

Global Geo-based Load Balancing

Our network uses intelligent Anycast DNS load balancing, which keeps in mind from what geographic location our users connect from, and directs them to one of our datacenters nearest to them. When we receive sudden, large amounts of traffic, this load balancer also assists in spreading the traffic across all datacenters to ensure proper functioning of our applications.

Auto-provisioning Scalable Server Clusters

Perhaps the most innovative of them all is our Auto-provisioning Server Cluster. On the bleeding edge of technology, this cloud-based solution allows us to automatically inflate our server parks depending on traffic size. If we are hit with major traffic, we have dozens of new instances loaded up to assist in minutes. This makes sure we are ready for whatever our publishers throw at us on the one hand, and on the other reduces our costs tremendously by not having to have cold standby machines ready for those peaks. We scale to infinity, yet only pay for what we use.

Development Architecture

Agile Development

Our development team takes Agile to its limits, keeping short communication loops and swift deliveries standard in every project. In a market that changes so fast as online advertising, we need to be as flexible as we can be to stay ahead of the others. Luckily for us, our in-house team provides us with just that.

Continuous Deployment

Pushing your code to different staging environments by hand is a bummer, aside from being time-ineffective and error-prone. We learned that the hard way, and now we have a solution. When our engineers push changes, they are automatically tested for errors, and when none are present the changes go right to our production servers. Seriously hard-core Artificial Intelligence makes sure that no buggy code gets to our live environments, and our engineers don’t have the bother of manually pushing code onto servers anymore.

“Lean Startup” Assumption Validation

We don’t write a single line of code until we know our ideas have a valid foundation. We don’t start development of a product until we know it is just what people want. We validate every big assumption we have, to make sure we hit the nail on the head each and every time.

Internal Software

Automated Offer Selection System

Our proprietary A.O.S.S. makes sure that publishers get the best value for their traffic, and that advertisers who monetize well are rewarded for their efforts. This system automatically and fully autonomously split-tests multiple offers and ranks them according to performance. The best performing offers are the ones that get the traffic, and the other ones get to be analyzed by us so we can help the advertiser improve their campaign success.

Offer Analyzer and EPC Warning Suite

The A.O.S.S. makes sure that we only have top-tier offers running actively, but we like to be thorough. Should an offer be receiving traffic and not convert well, our core Offer Management and Advertiser Relations team gets notified immediately. It monitors every single offer in near real-time, and keeps track of the changes in performance. If an offer dips in success, we’ll know about it.

Swift Offer Management Tools

Modern life is very fast-paced and we like to run circles around it, which is exactly why we’ve invested so many resources in our internal Offer Management tools. Our interface allows our Offers Manager to import hundreds of advertiser offers in the blink of an eye, through numerous API’s. We can enable or pause a huge selection of offers in a matter of seconds. This allows us to move fast and respond to market shifts without breaking a sweat.

Offer Admin System

Besides being able to partner with advertisers to help them leverage their campaigns to be successful, we also have an internal system that allows us to intuitively create high value Lead Generation offers on-the-fly. Integrated reporting and built-in split testing allows us to invalidate and filter out ideas that don’t work, in order to keep the ones that add value for the user.

Customer Innovations

Advanced Stats

Our publishers and advertisers are treated with an advanced set of performance monitoring features, providing them with advanced statistics on their traffic and earnings.

Infinity Reward Program

As you earn a living working with us, we reward you for your loyalty. For every specific amount of revenue you bring to the table, you get rewarded with Infinity Reward Points. These points are tradable for great prizes in our panel, ranging from gift cards to amazing luxury that will satisfy all materialistic needs. As you gain more points, the higher-tier prizes will become visible to you.

Highly Modifiable Content Locker

Our Content Locker is unlike many out there; you can modify it to your specific needs and launch it on your site just by pasting a one-line HTML snippet onto your page. It is optimized for huge peak traffic loads, and has proven itself a reliable asset for any content owner over the years.

Social Locker

Sometimes asking a visitor to complete an offer just isn’t what you want. Perhaps you want branding, or social reach instead. With the Social add-on to our locker, you can make your users choose: either they complete an offer, or they help you increase your traffic by recommending your page with their friends. That way everyone can be happy and free to choose what is most relevant for them.